Industries Served

Harvey Industries offers custom-designed exhaust systems for garages and shops across a variety of industries. If you are working in a setting where harmful gases and vapors are a concern, you need an exhaust system.

Heavy Duty Trucking

The rough and tough trucking industry constantly requires tune-ups and repairs to keep trucks running. Keep your technicians safe and healthy with a custom exhaust system for your garage or service bays with a heavy duty exhaust system.

Public Transportation

Buses have large, horizontal tailpipes that require a unique exhaust system to remove harmful fumes and gases. Harvey Industries can design a custom exhaust system for your repair shop, service bay or manufacturing plant.


Repair shops and car dealerships as well as automotive factories are subject to harmful gases. We can design a custom system that meets the needs of any factory, garage or shop to keep your technicians and workers free from those harmful gases and fumes.


Many power plants are powered by coal and oil—materials that give off harmful toxins when burned. It’s important to keep your workers safe and keep your plant up to code, and an exhaust system from Harvey Industries will help you accomplish both.


A recycling facility works with a wide variety of materials such as metals and plastics that have the potential to release harmful gases. Keep workers safe with an exhaust system from Harvey Industries.


Process industries include the chemical, food and beverage, oil and gas, and pharmaceutical industries, each with their own risks for exposure to toxic gases. Equip your factory or manufacturing plant with an exhaust system for a cleaner, safer, healthier work environment.

Welding & Metalworking

Exposure to welding and metalworking fumes can cause serious health problems to workers who are exposed on a daily basis. Does your shop follow OSHA regulations? Keep your shop and your workers safe and up to code with an exhaust system from Harvey Industries.

Material Handling

The material handling industry is already exposed to countless toxic fumes and gases just from handling potentially harmful materials every day. But you can control what your workers are breathing in. That’s where a custom exhaust system comes in.