Heavy Duty Trucking Industry

Harvey Industries is an industry leader in designing and manufacturing exhaust systems for a variety of industries. Our heavy duty exhaust systems are ideal solutions for facilities working with diesel vehicles or vehicles with large horizontal tailpipes like heavy duty trucks.

Service bays and garages dealing with heavy duty trucks have different requirements from regular car repair facilities, and our exhaust systems can meet those requirements!

While standard car repair shops and garages typically work with cars with four-inch tailpipes, the trucking industry typically works with tailpipes that are longer than four inches, meaning a different exhaust system is needed. We can work with you to design a custom system to meet your needs.

Heavy Duty Exhaust Systems for Heavy Duty Applications

Harvey Industries designs and builds a complete line of exhaust extraction equipment for any heavy duty application.

Our heavy duty exhaust systems are overhead systems that hang down from the ceiling and connect directly to ductwork to remove chemicals from the building.

Diesel exhaust—also known as soot—is a mixture of thousands of gases and particles containing more than 40 toxic air contaminants, including many known or suspected cancer-causing substances. It’s important to keep workers safe from these harmful toxins with a proper exhaust system.

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